You may have noticed that things are a bit different here.  Nah, who am I kidding, this is your first visit, and probably also your last.

Anyways, I’m no longer at  I’m also no longer Exp HP.

You see, I’ve been thinking about my internet handle and the image it portrays.  I came up with “ExpHP” back in 2005.  I first used the name in Mario Kart DS.  I don’t know why I felt the need to come up with a new name for myself in that game, but I did.  I came up with a pretty nice (read: ugly and overly colorful) logo for it, too, using (read: stealing) the Nobody symbol from Kingdom Hearts.

Then I discovered that it was free on just about every website. Nobody else goes by the name “ExpHP.”  I’ve used the name on every site ever since, with only the slight addition of “kun” at the end on two sites were it was already taken.  I’ve used it on so many sites that I can hardly even imagine a time before “ExpHP.”  What kinds of names would I have used?  I can hardly remember!

I was so glad to have a unique name I could call my own (and such a conveniently short one, too!)… that I had neglected to think about the possible consequences.

ExpHP is nothing particularly clever or subtle.  It’s just a reference to video games.  For those who’ve never played an RPG in their life, exp (experience) and HP (hit points) are ubiquitous stats present in just about any video game with stat-building elements. But as big as I am on video games, is that the image I ultimately wish to portray in my future job-seeking years?

Also, exphp looks a bit like a spam bot.  You know, with all the random letters and stuff.

So I’m going to be proactive about it.  ExpHP isn’t a great name.  I might want to change it before I really start building a body of work on the internet.  And so I thought to myself, “hey, you know what rolls right off the tongue, is unique and original, and is already used in my primary method of contact?”

Diagonal Device. It’s unique. Google results for it are beyond weak. It may be a little long (one extra syllable, 9 extra letters!), and I’ll probably still use ExpHP in video games… but it implies nothing about me or my character.  It’s a blank slate.  And the really nice thing is: It’s already associated with me.  This is just the first time I’m making that association public.

So you may be wondering, what does Diagonal Device mean?

Currently, it means nothing.  It encompasses nothing.  It is nothing.  But here’s the fun part:  I get to build all that.