In the sound options on the 3DS, you have a choice between Mono, Stereo, and Surround.  Surround is the default.

Surround sound on a portable device?  What, does it just magically throw sound behind you?  Does it telepathically communicate with objects behind you and cause them to vibrate like makeshift speakers?

This bit of info hasn’t really made any waves.  In fact, I’ve never seen anybody even mention it.  It isn’t even mentioned on the box.  I guess it’s no big deal, really.  A lot of things have surround sound these days.

Probably all you have to do is just hook it up to a surround sound set.  You know, just plug it right into the…


…stereo…headphone port?

Guess I could at least try…

Alright, I’m really not sure about this.

Oh wait!  Maybe the Surround sound mode is just that headphone surround sound virtualization technique that’s so common these days! You know, where it inverts the phase of some channels which makes it sound like it’s in surround sound when you listen with headphones on!  They usually mention these things in the manual.

Here. I’ll get the manual, and we can look at it together.

Under Sound, it says to tap the setting you want and tap “OK.”

…isn’t there anything…important you should mention?  Care to address the presence of a Surround Sound setting on a device with 2 speakers and a stereo headphone port? Besides, if it’s surround sound virtualization, shouldn’t you at least mention that headphones are required for the surround effect to work?

Readers! Don’t you agree that something is wrong here?

Am I crazy?  Hello? Are you there?


Alright.  Clearly an anomaly in human intellect has occurred here, and I am the only human being on Earth too stupid to figure out something as painfully obvious as how the 3DS can have surround sound.  I should probably just take a nice, long nap and it will all make sense in the morning.

(call me crazy, but come to think of it, I think I remember some regular DS games having a surround sound option, too..)

Update: As pointed out in the comments, the surround sound is actually virtualized by the built-in speakers if you hold the 3DS at the proper distance and angle. I checked it out, and it basically makes it sound like there’s another two speakers right next to your ears. Certainly a unique invention if I’ve ever seen one!